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Important Notification

NEW FSM Registration

  1. After registration candidate have to pay registration charges of Rs. 500 /- to go for training and online Assessment.
  2. We have introduced Online Assessment Exam.
  3. Exam will be of 100 Marks in which candidate have to acquire minimum 75 Marks for Passing the Examination. If Candidate fails in the exam he has to repay the registration fees Rs.500/- and undergo training and online assessment.
  4. Candidates who have already paid the registration fees and waiting for assessment, can go for online assessment if training module is completed.
  5. Once candidate pass in the exam he has to pay security deposit of Rs. 5000/-.
  6. Certificate will be downloaded after the payment of security deposit and approval from respective regional offices.

Renew FSM Certificate

  1. Candidates whose certificates are expired or about to expire with in 6 months can go for renewal of certificate by clicking on the renew button at certificate tab in the User Detail Section.
  2. FSM will be able to apply for renewal of the certificate from a period of 6 months before the expiry date and up to 6 months after the expiry date of the certificate. If renewal is not applied up to 6 months after the expiry date of the certificate, the certificate shall not be renewed in any case. Willing FSM, whose certificate has been expired, will be required to apply for a fresh certificate.
  3. FSM who have applied 50 or more Licenses/Registrations through FoSCoS in the period from the date of issuance of the last certificate to the date of expiry of the certificate, shall be allowed for the instant renewal of his/her certificate and extend the validity by 2 years on providing the Consent/Declaration. The renewal procedure will not require FSM to undergo any further examination.
  4. FSM who have not applied even 50 applications of Licenses/Registrations through FoSCoS. will be required to reappear for the FSM test on the deposition of exam registration fee of Rs.500/- [as per existing fee]. After clearing the exam, FSM Certificate will be generated with 2 years validity and he/she will not be required to submit the security deposit [if earlier security deposit has not been withdrawn].
  5. Food Safety Mitra who wants to exit the FSM scheme, can apply for withdrawal of FSM Certificate and Security Deposit through the FSM portal only.

Service charges of Food Safety Mitra

  1. Rs. 100/- for Filing of application, Renewal and Modification for Registration.
  2. Rs. 500/- for Filing of application, Renewal and Modification and Annual Returns for License.
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