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Code of Conduct



As individuals responsible for helping FBOs with compliance, the first norm for a FSM is integrity at all times. This may include -

  1. Due diligence at all times - filing applications, conducting hygiene audit
  2. Advising FBOs correctly about processes, regulatory requirements & liabilities
  3. Advising FBOs to correct mis-declarations and non-compliance
  4. Charging only prescribed fees from clients, against receipt.


As they are the human face of FSS Act for FBOs, it is essential that FSMs maintain transparency about their services.

  1. Applications filed by them on behalf of FBOs - they must quote their unique identification number whenever a service is offered by them to the FBOs
  2. Service charges should be transparently communicated to FBOs. All receipts & acknowledgements must be shared with FBOs
  3. FSM will not represent themselves as officers of FSSAI or use its name or logo without authorisation


  1. Whether it is training, audit or filing of applications, FSMs will maintain a highest quality standard
  2. Apart from the work itself, FSMs will ensure quality service level by being knowledgeable, friendly and available to their client FBOs

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