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Renewals & Cancellation


Once certified, the validity of FSM certification will be 2 years. Depending on the kind of work they do, FSMs may be required to undergo intermediate trainings. To ensure that FSMs are invested in the success of the scheme and its goals, a refundable security deposit may be collected at the time of certification. Presently, Rs 5000/- shall be collected from FSMs. This security deposit will be refunded in case a FSM chooses to exit from the scheme.

FSM may continue to act as such, unless:

  1. The FSM Certificate issued to him under this scheme is suspended or withdrawn by the FSSAI; or
  2. This scheme is withdrawn by the Authority
  3. Non renewal after the expiry of validity of FSM Certificate.

In case of a complaint or on assessment of the performance, FSSAI may impose penalty by way of forfeiture of deposit, suspension for a time period, cancellation of certificate of FSM or debarring future registration as FSM for a specified period.

The grounds of the cancellation which may warrant such action may be

  1. if State Food Safety Authorities report any misconduct of FSM.
  2. if FSM refuses to give a copy of the receipt/acknowledgement to the FBO;
  3. if FSM fails to furnish his name and unique identification number in the application/ return filed by him;
  4. if FSM fails to enter any information made available to him by the FBO, correctly in the application/ return by him;
  5. if FSM makes repeated mistakes relating to filing of applications/returns prepared by him;
  6. if FSM makes a wrong or fraudulent application/return despite being in the know
  7. if FSM is engaged in any financial irregularity, forgery or fraud;
  8. if FSM fails to comply with the directions issued by the FSSAI from time to time;
  9. if FSM fails to upgrade the skills as required by the FSSAI from time to time; or
  10. If FSM, after issuance of FSM Certificate to him under this Scheme, takes an employment in any Government Department.
  11. Any act in violation of these guidelines or otherwise which may lead to a wrong declaration to the Authority by FBO.

Before, cancellation, Food Authority may give an opportunity to FSM to explain his/her position.

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